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Fun Doesn’t Have to Stop During the Corona Virus Lockdown


For the most part, enjoying custom cars and trucks is a sport done outdoors. However, all regions of the U.S. and other countries are on lockdown to help lessen the threat of spreading the possibly deadly Corona Virus AKA, COVID19, which puts a serious damper on our community. Furthermore, all large gatherings are prohibited for the next few weeks and this could very well last until the summertime or beyond. Essentially, we could be looking at a long stretch of time before we can physically hang around other enthusiasts.


During these questionable times, we have all adapted to staying at home around the clock. Though we can survive like this for the most part, many of us still feel need to fulfil our automotive tendencies. Some of you may be getting a bit stir-crazy at this point but fear not as we have a few solutions to help feed your vehicular desires in these odd times.


5. Home Racing

With an abundance of free time, now is the perfect occasion to do some indoor racing. There are many ways to take advantage of this on multiple platforms designed for homebound racers. Video gaming is the best way to enjoy racing without having to go outside. There are even some advanced simulators on the market to get the most out of it, but you don’t have to go all in for the sake of racing at home. By doing some simple research, you can easily find many budget friendly options that won’t break the bank.


Another way to race at home includes the use of remote-control cars. These days, ready-to-run R/C cars can be purchased for only a couple hundred dollars and they are a blast to mess around with. You can even make tracks in your garage or any other large areas of your compound. We recently dusted off our own mini slot car track and it kept us entertained for hours.


4. Garage Organization

Though this may not be as exciting as some of the other things on our list, it’s very important to get your tools in line. We are all guilty of leaving tools in a space after knocking out a job, but it’s good to get organized. With some extra time on your hands, you can not only clean, but better organize your workspace for the next time you need to do some wrenching.


3. Work on Your Ride 

If you have a garage and a set of tools, there’s no excuse to ignore your vehicles. Get that long ignored maintenance out of the way or better yet, get to customizing. Now is the time to work on your show vehicle or even your daily as we have less need to drive at the moment. We took our own advice and performed a few mods to our ’62 GMC. Not only have we gotten our truck in tip top shape, we even gained some performance with parts like our new K&N filter, which added some bling too.


2. Make it Shine

Despite the fact that there are no shows scheduled for the next few months, it doesn’t mean you should leave your ride dirty. Some of the lengthier cleaning methods can now be done as you have more time to complete them. Things like waxing your paint or polishing wheels can be daunting but there’s less excuse for not executing them now. By cleaning your ride during the quarantine, you will be ahead of the game when everything starts up again.


1. Go for a Drive

Most states, counties and cities have policies in place stating that you shouldn’t leave the house at this time. However, they have made exceptions for all of us to go out for things that are deemed necessary, like getting groceries. So, when you do have to go out, you might as well make the best of it by driving in style. Maybe take the long route too. Just because we can’t hang out with groups of other people doesn’t mean we can’t have fun during this time. As you can see there are still many ways to get your automotive fixes but do remember to exercise safe practices as best you can and follow all the guidelines from the CDC. If we all do our part, hopefully we can kick this pandemic to the curb and get back to the norm sooner.

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